Something For Everyone In GTA Online’s Labor Day Weekend Event

Rockstar will be treating players to a special weekend event beginning today (September 4) and lasting until Monday (September 7). The event features more or less the same specialties as the previous events did. There will be select jobs and missions cycling each day that will provide double RP and GTA $ payouts, as well as special daily sales.


On the first day, meaning today, you’ll be able to reap double the RP and cash rewards for any air-based jobs, meaning air races and parachuting jobs. The Elitas Travel company is also discounting all of their aircraft products by 25%, so if you’ve missed out of the airborne fun of GTA V, now would be a great time to jump in and sprout buy a pair of wings! Only the sky is the limit, after all.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, after resting out the shakiness from the thrills of flying and the terror of heights for some of you, instead of wings you’ll be needing a pair of wheels. Or two. If it is a vehicle and goes on land, chances are the price will be slashed by a 25%. And just so you can’t keep the paint unscratched on your new rides, all land races will be giving double RP and money rewards, so rev up those engines.

On Sunday, we seem to complete the reverse evolution thing Rockstar has going on here. From air to land, we arrive to sea, with a 25% Docktease sale and double RP and GTA $ payouts on all sea races.

We all hate Mondays, right? Well, the 25% discount on all of Warstock’s inventory is bound to make coping that much easier, and the double rewards of RP and cash on all death matches will make blowing off steam that much more lucrative.

Which GTA Online sale are you looking forward the most to?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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