Should GTA Online’s Holiday Weapons Be Available All The Time?

Some GTA Online content – like the Halloween DLC – is only available for a limited time. Should this change?

GTA V Independence Day screenshot

Holidays are special times of the year when most people don’t need to go to work and have time to rest and do things with friends and family. Holidays are also great excuses to propagate the consumerist lifestyle that’s being forced on us! Also, as a rule, holidays don’t last all year – that’s what makes them holidays, after all. During holidays, there are certain promotions across all walks of life which commemorate said holiday – these also don’t last all year, that’s what makes them holiday promotions. Well, some GTA Online players want Christmas to come early. And late. And to stay.

Confused yet?


In celebration of certain holidays, Rockstar occasionally releases thematic DLC for GTA Online. To truly make the experience special, some or all of the new content is only available for a time in proximity to the holiday itself. However this unavoidably leads to some people missing out, and as is expected, said people aren’t very happy.


While there is some, if shaky, argument to back this up, such as the fact that during the holidays, some people do stuff other than play video games (inconceivable) and that they tend to travel, and thus not have access. However, the community has provided a simple counter-argument:

They’re presents to people who don’t have anything to do on holidays.


If this counts as a huge pain in the ass for you… I think I want your life.

Yup, first world problems. Plus, you know, these items aren’t only around for a day or two, but before and after the actual real holiday, for a few days or weeks. The Halloween DLC, for example, was available for a pretty lengthy amount of time. It must also be mentioned that these thematic items don’t exactly give people an edge, as they are either cosmetic or only effective in special jobs also only available during the festivities.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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