Should GTA Online Have Multiple Seasons?

Seasons, but not in the way of TV show seasons, mind you.

The Festive Surprise DLC was recently released for GTA Online, to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. Rockstar treated the community to a number of gifts for the event, such as various free masks and outfits, a new purchasable vehicle, fireworks launchers and, most importantly, snow.


However, it seems that in the city of Los Santos, snow melts quickly. The feature was only around for about a day, on Christmas itself. Visit Los Santos today and you’ll find the snow already gone from GTA Online, something that is incurring a fair amount of grief for a number of players. The snow was a very welcome addition to the game by all, as the snowball fights bring together the community and the players were noticeably nicer to one another while the pristine white cover was around.

Don’t be too saddened by the sudden melting of the snow however, as it will be returning soon. Weather reports similar to those which forecast the Christmas snowfall predict another snowstorm to hit Los Santos on New Year’s Eve, meaning that the snow will be around for another day.

However, after that, it will be gone for another year. Many players have expressed their wish for the snow the be around for the entire period between the two events, not only for the two days. This lead to some suggesting that the whole of December and January to feature the snow, introducing a winter “season” to GTA Online. Many argued that since Los Santos is based on Los Angeles in the real world, and it is never cold in Los Angeles, that this would be unrealistic – but when did GTA ever try to be realistic!?


This, in turn, could give rise to the idea that the world of GTA Online should, over time, switch between seasons in accordance with the real world weather.

Would you like to see a seasonal mechanic added to GTA Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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