Shoot Cars With Cars In GTA V

This is one of the most simple yet crazy and silly mods out there. On the off chance that you got, oh I don’t know, bored of the mod which added the gun which summons a shark from the depths to break through the ground and eat your foes, the GTA V modding community has you covered.

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Posted by GTA 5 Cheats Community on Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Can you imagine that Rockstar almost shut these people down? If it weren’t for mods, the divide between the popularity of GTA Online versus GTA V’s single player mode would be that much greater, as these mods open up a whole new world of opportunities before solo players. Honestly, when will you ever be able to shoot a truck out of a rifle in GTA Online, huh?

vehicle cannon

This mod, intuitively called the Vehicle Cannon, is a simple weapon mod. In your hands, I looks like any regular rifle with a bullpup configuration, however the magic happens once you begin squeezing the trigger. Instead of spraying hot lead and fiery death at your enemies, this weapon launches an entire freaking automobile at the speed of a bullet at the mean person you are pointing your pea shooter at.

Be it a sleek sports car or a bulky semi truck, hurling a several ton partially metal object at a squishy mortal is bound to achieve the same ultimate end result as shooting the poor bastard. And considering the thing your gun is ejecting is a tad larger than a few centimeters across, aiming suddenly also becomes easier. Unfortunately, there is not yet a method to customize what kind of vehicle comes out of the evil end of the gun.

Now that we have achieved this, as well as the shark gun, I want a gun which shoots planes, one which shoots tanks which then also shoots, a gun which shoots guns, and a gun which shoots guns which shoot guns which also shoot guns, which in turn shoot whatever. You’ll probably lose track of them by then.

Will you guys be causing mayhem with the GTA V Vehicle Cannon?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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