Serious About Daily Objectives? Read This

While GTA Online isn’t based on the same sort of framework as most traditional MMOs, it certainly fits the bill. And just like with all MMOs, GTA Online has some seriously hardcore players and crews (GTA’s equivalent of guilds or clans), putting insane hours and effort into topping every leader board there is. Also, just like most other MMOs, GTA Online features daily objectives, which can be done once a day, every day, and have cumulative rewards, meaning the longer you do them every day, the more you earn.


Some of GTA V’s most hardcore crews pride themselves on long daily objective completion streaks, which bring in millions worth of in game cash. Building up long streaks takes immense dedication, and a whole lot of time, but luckily the objectives count for the crew, not for the individual player if applicable, which makes the numbers a tad less bonkers.

The leading crew, Schleppo, with 10 members, have completed an average of 81 daily objectives in a streak per member, meaning that the crew is touting a brutal streak of 810 consecutively completed daily objectives.


In a row.

Let’s take a closer look at some numbers, shall we? That many missions totals in a payout of over 7 million in GTA$ if looked at one by one. Now, if you add the stacking increase of rewards, you’ll come up to a payment of 14.5 million. Fourteen and a half million $GTA!!

Now, considering Schleppo is a 10 man crew, it is most likely a tight knit group of friends, so good luck on joining them, however the other crews who are in a 52.07-60 daily objectives per player range, which is still a massive number, may be recruiting. Considering how elite these crews are, getting in won’t be easy, as typically hardcore crews have some pretty hefty requirements.

What is your largest daily objective streak in GTA V?

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