Rumor: Heists Arrive December 23


What would be a better Christmas present for GTA Online players than the long-awaited arrival of cooperative heists? It’s been over three weeks since GTA V came out for the PS4 and Xbox One, after which heists were supposed to come soon. They were promised to be included in the first GTA Online update after the remastered version’s launch, and fans have been waiting.

Well, the latest heist rumor points to an early Christmas present, with heists coming on December 23. NillxModz, whose leaks have been accurate in the past, announced a list of features to be included in the GTA Online Holiday Season update. He also said heists would be released at the same time.

If his information is accurate, PS3 and PS4 users will be able to access heists at 5:00 AM Eastern Time, with Xbox 360 and Xbox One users to follow at 10:30 AM. While still a rumor, this is believable. GTA Online has received updates for most other holidays, so a Christmas-themed update isn’t unexpected–and heists are supposed to coincide with the next GTA Online update.

Some players don’t think heists are coming soon, no matter what anyone says. Heists were originally announced for last spring, after all. What do you think? Is December 23 the day fans have been waiting for?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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