Rumor: GTA Online’s Future Is Full Of DLC

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In the wake of the Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement, many GTA Online fans became worried that their favored game will fall from Rockstar’s graces, and that the all new wild west romp will leave Los Santos in the dust. If Rockstar is committed to such a high-profile new AAA project with its own multiplayer mode, how could the company still focus on three year old GTA Online?


Well, we went to some lengths to debunk those fears a few days ago, citing the fact that the constant revenue provided by Online has become one of Take-Two Interactive’s biggest financial pillars. We also made note of Take-Two’s statement about planning to keep Online profitable and populated through 2020.

That said, some players are still concerned about the future of their preferred virtual pastime. While they don’t think that Rockstar will take down the GTA Online servers, most players don’t think they will continue to support the game with further DLC like Further Adventures and Finance and Felony or Bikers. After all, with the majority of the manpower diverted to RDR2, who’d develop DLCs?


Rockstar North, is who. Rockstar has a number of studios scattered around the globe, and not all of them are powered onto RDR2 – though granted, most probably are. Now, a rumor coming from a source with a track record best described as “odd” has seemingly revealed what the developers have in store for the future of the game: an absolute ton of DLC.

Now, before we proceed, keep in mind that any info that doesn’t come from an official source needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s likely that none of the predictions herein will be actually implemented for GTA Online. Anything less than official news has a high chance of being fake, so don’t take any of this as a guarantee!


The rumor was kicked off by a post on by user Softsecrets, who has so far only posted on said forums a total of three times. The first was back in 2013, when GTA Online was not yet released. At that time, he predicted a number of features that would be carried over to the multiplayer mode, as well as how they relate to existing singleplayer content.

While some of his predictions – namely the one about police gameplay – haven’t been added to the game (yet?), pretty much every other prediction was spot on. These weren’t just off-hand vague theories that had a high default chance of being correct due to ambiguous wording and a knowledge of what the GTA 5 framework would allow. These predictions couldn’t possibly have been lucky guesses.


And then came Softsecrets’ (why does his username sound so porn-y?) latest post, from this August. It has only become relevant now in October because of one particular detail – it predicted the arrival of the Bikers DLC prior to any kind of official announcement.

Biker DLC:
(Bikes, clothes, free roam missions)
*purchase clubhouse to activate biker free roam missions              – section from Softsecrets’ post

We repeat: that came from before any official word on the Bikers update. His post, however, continued to outline a general plan for GTA Online DLC through 2020. Now, obviously Rockstar doesn’t have a full and complete roadmap laid out that far ahead, but they would definitely have a rough framework with major content planned out.


This is reflected by the predictions, since they don’t include nearly enough DLC to account for the next three years, however they contain mention of a number of DLC concepts and bigger additions coming to GTA Online. According to the predictions, a number of major DLCs will be dropped before the big fish are released – map expansions.

But first, the DLCs. Bikers has since released, so that leaves three more upcoming DLCs that Softsecrets has predicted. One seems increasingly likely: a police themed DLC. Bikers has been widely requested by players since day one, and so has a police themed DLC. If Bikers is any indication, Rockstar is more open towards the notion of playing into the desires of the community.


Other predictions include an all new luxurious DLC with mansions and premium pets – think snow leopards and the like – as well as a DLC expanding on the northern regions of GTA Online, which would add wild animals to Online. Their lack up until this point is attributed to the performance limitations of the last-gen consoles.

The new updates would also contain a new hunting feature, which would require players to buy a license to unlock all new hunting missions similar to Trevor’s side missions in GTA 5’s story mode. While three DLCs are already pretty impressive and exciting, in between the hunting, the new police content and the mansions.

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However, the main attraction here isn’t the typical DLC predictions, but the map expansions. If Softsecrets is to be believed, GTA Online’s first foray into paid DLC will involve map expansions, adding North Yankton, Liberty City, San Fierro and Las Venturas. In fact, an interesting tidbit of info suggests that the latter two cities, which appeared alongside Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas were actually intended to be in the game upon launch.

Once again, the limitations of the last-gen consoles prevented the additional cities to be added to the game, however all this time Rockstar has been touching up the two cities to fit in with the Enhanced Edition in order to take full advantage of the new hardware.

According to the predictions, the map expansions will come in two batches. North Yankton and Liberty City will be released in September 2017, and San Fierro plus Las Venturas will come about in October 2018. According to Softsecrets, the singleplayer DLC that was planned all that time ago was replaced by the GTA Online map expansions due to the unprecedented success of microtransactions.

These DLCs would also include the Casino finally opening, as well as the stock market finally being implemented in GTA Online. Allegedly, both map expansions would be priced like a full AAA game, at $60, leading us to suspect that they would contain a lot more content. You can read the full prediction post here.

Which of these GTA Online predictions are you hoping to be true?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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