Rockstar Working on Heists Launch Issues


By now you’ve probably discovered that Rockstar is experiencing a few issues keeping GTA Online up and running with the release of the much awaited (and delayed) Heists update yesterday. Well today we can bring you an official statement on the situation in relation to which Rockstar has said the following:

We are aware of some issues today with players having problems connecting to GTA Online, as well as issues with the Xbox Live service. We are working to restore full access to GTA Online as quickly as possible.

Ever since the release of Heists just a few hours ago, images such as the one you can see above have been appearing on gamer’s TV screens and monitors when they try to access GTA Online. This has of course led to loads of complaints and angry forum posts, with many people failing to understand how Rockstar, having delayed Heists for so long, could be having issues like the ones we’re all encountering.

We don’t know the exact reason(s) either, but you can monitor the game’s status page right here to see what’s happening for your particular console/version of the game. As at the time of posting, everything is green (as you can see below) but we’re still getting reports of errors and issues – hopefully they’re isolated by now.


As always check back with GTA 5 Cheats for further updates, and let us know your Heists experience in the meantime – that is of course provided you’ve been able to play!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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