Rockstar Teams Up With IGN and AMC For April’s Fools

It’s too good to be true, anyway

I’m sure most of you folks have been around long enough to know not to trust anything you read online today, or better yet, just lock yourself in a faraday cage with a few good books and enough provisions to last you until the 2nd of April rolls over.

However, those of you who decided to brave the lawless waters of the internet might have encountered a trailer for an alleged GTA TV series to air on the AMC this fall. Those among you with a mental capacity greater than that of a sock will have figured out it’s a gag though.

That said, this is one of the more elaborate and higher quality pranks today, pretty much in the same league as Razer has been for the past few years with their insane fake gadgets we all wish were real. The trailer is actually really well shot and edited, and we could see an actual GTA show to follow this style.

The gag was made in conjuncture with IGN and the AMC, though to us it seems that IGN did most of the work while the AMC and Rockstar just lent their names to the project as an easy way to tick off their April’s Fools obligation.

Entirely live-action, the trailer shows snippets of what would be perfectly acceptable occurrences in GTA Online. Set in Grand Theft Auto 5’s Los Santos, we’re shown clips of a man lying unconscious on the beach in nothing but underwear, barfights, police chases, neat cars, guns, violence, drug deals, sweeping shots of Los Angeles and the iconic Vinewood sign.

The trailer even boasts “from the creators of Breaking Bad” and legit AMC branding to make things feel even more authentic. It also has crisp special effects up until the final scene with the RPG and helicopter, which is really the only giveaway (besides today’s date) that this is an elaborate ruse instead of a real project.

The thing we hate most about April’s Fools is that instead of stupid jokes, many companies end up teasing things that we’d actually, legitimately want to be real, but pretty much have absolutely zero chance of being made at any point in the future.

This is particularly true for the gaming sphere, as developers and publishers often tease fan-servicy game concepts that would actually be awesome. Sure, we got Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon that one time as an actual game which was bloody awesome, but come on, must Rockstar tease us with something like this only to not bring GTA to the silver screen?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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