Rockstar taking aim at GTA Online cheaters


GTA Online is now back online with Rockstar declaring it is “taking aim at GTA Online cheaters”.

The maker of GTA V has said in a blog post that they are making it a priority to ensure that the glitches and exploits of the past (cheats) that some players have been using will no longer function, and punishing those that somehow do manage to get their hands on “counterfeit GTA$”.

Rockstar also confirmed many a cheater’s fears today that it has removed all counterfeit GTA$ from the GTA Online economy, but that any items purchased with illegal GTA$ will be retained (like if someone sent you some glitched GTA$ and you bought an apartment, you’ll keep the apartment). Rockstar was also keen to point out that if you innocently received GTA$ as a result of exploits then you will not be punished, you will lose the money only.

If you were one of the glitchers/exploiters/cheaters however then Rockstar has said that it will punish you at its discretion (which we think means if they can prove you definitely did something naughty). Potential outcomes from this include being sent to specific Cheater’s Pools and being banned from GTA Online altogether.

As for whether the measures Rockstar has put in place are effective, well we’re already hearing reports of multi-million GTA$ bounties being put on players after the maintenance was carried out… If you’ve lost some GTA$ or seen glitching since the maintenance, then let us know in the comments below!

PS: The maximum cap for bounties is GTA$9,000, while the maximum amount that you can transfer to another player, legitimately, is GTA$20,000.

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