Rockstar Should Respond To Gamechangers With Actual GTA Movie

You know what would make heaps of money? An official GTA motion picture. You know what didn’t make heaps of money? The Gamechangers, BBC’s misguided attempt at making an “unbiased” (spoiler alert: it’s biased) documentary about the controversy surrounding Jack Thompson’s attempt to get GTA banned.

It was nasty business when it occurred, and birthed a toxic discussion topic which this tasteless film merely dredged up from the deep dark hole it should have remained in. The whole affair is politically loaded (obviously) and all in all just a bad film from a production standpoint.


However, instead of taking the BBC to court (like they’re actually doing), it would be awesome for Rockstar to handle this in a Rockstar-y way.

Pull a retaliation of the Duke’o’Death variety. How about they release a big budget Hollywood action thriller flick, meaning that if anyone ever searches for something along the lines of “gta film” or “gta movie”, they won’t ever happen upon anything regarding the Gamechangers. Instead the search results would be flooded with news, excitement and popular gaming news outlets going insane over an actual big budget Hollywood GTA film happening.


Also, they should, you know, actually make it a good movie. You’d think that an action movie about a criminal who is actually a “good guy” with a heavy emphasis on car theft couldn’t be anything but generic. However if you let someone from Rockstar write the script, fill it up with typical GTA satire, and work the use of cheats into it (at least as an easter egg), and have the guys who made John Wick work on it, you’d get the action movie of the decade. A proper GTA movie which leaves realism in the dressing room needs to happen.

Would you guys watch an actual GTA movie (I mean, of course you would, but we have to ask)?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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