Rockstar sends secondary $GTA payment to select players


Rockstar recently deposited a second tranche of $GTA into select player’s accounts within GTA Online. As posted by Rockstar Support on this page, the money is compensation for vehicles and/or garages that might have been lost by those players on a specific date – November 8.

We have deposited GTA$ into the accounts of players affected by loss of garages or cars on November 8th. This amount varies per affected player and should approximately reflect the amount spent on those items.

The amount of $GTA each player was meant to receive varied, but Rockstar has said it should reflect the value of the vehicles and garages actually lost – that is, there is no bonus or “inconvenience” cash invovled.

This latest $GTA compensation payment is the first since the GTA Online Stimulus Package was sent out by Rockstar a few weeks ago. It’s also the first time that Rockstar has been able to trace individual property losses to specific players and compensate them only. They must be getting better at this whole online multiplayer thing…

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