Rockstar Reviewing Cargobob Spawn Level Restrictions


Once you get past level 35 in GTA Online the Cargobob helicopter won’t spawn for you anymore (it starts at level 20 by the way). While it’s clear this restriction was intended by Rockstar, it’s an extremely unpopular one with many players saying that the Cargobob is one of the most fun vehicles to use in the entire game.

The good news is that Rockstar are aware of the community’s frustrations and are actively looking into the issue. Rockstar representative “Brian B” posted the following:

I will add a request to see the cargo bob added back in post level 35 on the community’s behalf after reading your feedback here.

Yes, his post was made about a month ago and we have had multiple GTA Online patches since then, but it’s pretty safe to say that Rockstar has had other problems to deal with in the meantime, like fixing the lost progress bugs and getting the stimulus package delivered. Now that those two issues finally appear to have been taken care of, Rockstar should have more time and resources to address game balancing issues like at what levels the Cargobob will spawn.

We’ll keep you updated on any progress!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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