Rockstar Hot-fixes Invincibility Glitch – New Trend?


Those of you who hate GTA Online glitchers (ie those persons who exploit glitches) can rejoice, because today Rockstar Games actually did something about them and hot-fixed a pretty major glitch that let players become invincible/enabled god-mode!

The invincibility glitch now no longer works, so we don’t feel as bad posting about it and even have a video of the glitch in action (and of course telling you how you could have done it…). Essentially in order to activate the glitch you needed to:

  1. Head to a strip club, request a job, and then go back inside the strip club.
  2. Then ask for a private dance and follow your chosen stripper to the private room.
  3. Right before entering the room load a mission from your phone and then back out.
  4. You should have then spawned outside (with no head funnily enough) and have been invincible!

Could this move be the start of a more vigilant and agile Rockstar Games? Are they looking to try and clean up GTA Online (or at least keep it cleaner) with the impending release of heists for GTA Online and also the release of GTA V on next-gen consoles and PC? We’ll need to wait and see – in the meantime there’s plenty of cheating to be had in the single player portion of the game!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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