Rockstar Hosts Holiday Warehouse Sale

Discounts, Bundles and in-game cash

Even though their storewide Black Friday sale ended just recently, Rockstar has already jumped on the holiday sale train like so many other retailers out there. In fact, the sale is eerily similar to the one they hosted for Black Friday, in the sense that the exact same discount is in effect. However, Rockstar has spiced up the deals with some additional bonuses.

Lasting through the 21st, next Wednesday, all items on the Rockstar Warehouse excluding the Red Dead Redemption 2 pre-order are universally discounted by 30%. Ranging from clothes, through lighters all the way to neat accessories like USB drives and flashlights, you can grab a bunch of licensed items to show off your fandom.

As a bonus Christmas present for the fans, the iFruit phone case is now available for the 7 and 7+ variants of the iPhone. When we say ‘present’, we mean the release of course, since you need to buy the actual case itself (naturally). Beyond this new addition to the warehouse, Rockstar is also getting into the holiday spirit with two unique holiday bundles.

The first bundle contains the GTA V Zippo Lighter, the GTA V Logo Hoodie and GTA V Logo Shirt, while the second packs the Black Los Santos Shirt and the Los Santos Sheriff’s Department Trucker Cap. You’d think the point of these bundles is that they come out cheaper than buying the items separately, but they don’t – the end total is the same. The “point” of the bundles, is that both of them come with the free gift of the “Welcome to Los Santos” soundtrack from the game in downloadable form.

The height of the sale, however, is the special promo on games. Buying any edition of L.A. Noire, GTA 4 or Max Payne 3 will also get you a free promo code worth $1,250,000 of in-game cash in GTA Online, on the corresponding platform of your game purchase. Considering none of these games are Backwards Compatible on Xbox One, and the PS4 doesn’t even have a BC program, this promo is mainly aimed at PC players who want to catch up on their Rockstar history while also getting a little something in their GTA Online pockets, stockings, whatever.

Rockstar gave the handy suggestion for buyers based in Europe to order before the 20th and selected expedited shipping if they want their goods to arrive before everyone who works on getting packages from the warehouse to you goes off on their Christmas break.

Will you be grabbing anything from the Rockstar Warehouse?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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