Rockstar Debuts GTA V Fan “Film Festival”

Rockstar recently announced a Snapmatic competition to go along the recently released Executives and Other Criminals DLC. However if motion picture is more your thing you can still secure a place in the annals of GTA history (no million bucks, though).

Occasionally, Rockstar publishes a number of fan made videos to the Newswire, and this often occurs after the release of a major DLC. With the Executives and Other Criminals Film Festival, it seems that they have settled for a name.

First up we’ve got the rowdy crew, REBL, who previously flaunted all their flashy, full tricked out an rather expensive Lowriders. Their newest crew vid focuses all on the Executives DLC, with an emphasis on them living it high on the new yachts.

YouTuber and GTA V fan Yeahmap has created a commercial for the all new and absolutely fantastic armored, turreted Benefactor limousine, which is worthy of actual television. Or GTA television, at the very least.

I’m sure all of you verge on getting a brain aneurysm when coming across typical “funny moments” videos on YouTube, however Vanoss is practically the only guy on the web who does it right. If Rockstar published him, it can’t be that bad, right?

Short’n’sweet, which the second vid was a full blown commercial, this stylish showcase of the Declasse Mamba is perfect for a TV spot.

You guys might remember this one. The extremely stylish and artistic sausage fest you can see above was covered in a full article by GTA 5 Cheats. All jokes aside, this video truly deserves its place on the list.

GTA V goes to the outback with this Adversary Mode stream from an Aussie. Honestly, not much more we can say about this one. Why Rockstar chose this over any other of the half million facecamming YouTubers is beyond us, but oh well.

In what may be the most practical and useful GTA V video, this quarter hour creation shows off, in great detail, all of the new content which came with the new DLC.

Have any of you made any GTA V videos focusing on Executives? If so, please, post them in the comments!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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