Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Live

Right on schedule, Rockstar has posted the teaser trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 as promised when the game was officially announced two days ago. Granted, we’re not much the wiser than we were before, since this is a cinematic teaser intended to build hype instead of revealing concrete information about the game.

The trailer is about a minute long and spends most of that time showing off good looking scenery. Some scenes of the trailer look like they might have been recorded in the game-engine, however most of the footage is pre-rendered cinematics, so unfortunately we don’t even get a good hint at what the visuals will be like – that said, it doesn’t really matter, since it’s not graphics that make a good game.

Only a single sentence is uttered throughout the trailer, “Listen to me, when the time comes you gotta run and don’t look back.”, which isn’t too telling about the story. That said, we’re going to guess that whoever this is being told to, will indeed look back. It’s a stretch to deduct anything from one sentence, but it seems to allude to the game being a revenge story, which is kinda a given when it comes to Red Dead.


In terms of landscapes, it doesn’t seem all too different from what we saw in the first Red Dead Redemption. Some deserts, some farms, some forests and a slice of Monument Valley. Surprisingly enough, the trailer is pretty meek in terms of action – not one punch is thrown, not a single shot is fired, and no-one is tied to rails.

As things stand, we don’t know much more about Red Dead Redemption 2 than we did before. There’s cowboys, there’s horse-riding, there’s pretty landscapes and such. That said, it’s not like we expected Rockstar to spill all the beans with the first teaser, so we’ll just hold out for the next press release to find out more about what to expect.


Are you hyped up by this RDR2 teaser?

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