Reach New Heights In GTA V With Instant Ramp Mod

Ever since GTA V has gotten map editor mods and its own race-track creator tool to use in player made jobs, a fad regarding over-the-top ramp tracks has been sweeping the community. Crazier and crazier tracks have been put together by players far and wide, proving a challenge to even the most skilled racer out there.

Modded maps provide even greater variety, as they are completely free of the restrictions imposed by the official content creator tools. Using either method takes quite a bit of time. Switching over to whichever you prefer, setting things up, testing it and so forth isn’t a process you’re likely to jump into off the bat.

Sometime you’re doing something completely different and as you drive to your destination, you think “hey, a ramp would be cool here right now”. Maybe a well placed ramp would help you out in a chase. Maybe the inexplicable urge to get some air has hit you while out in flat terrain.

What better way to solve this than to instantly summon a ramp of your liking out of thin air? That’s what Wings On High’s Ramp Jam mod allows you to do. The experienced modder has put together a simple script with which you can will a ramp into existence anywhere, anytime while playing GTA V’s single player mode on the fly. It won’t push you over into another screen, it won’t pause the game, it won’t break the flow. It will do nothing but place a simple ramp a few meters ahead of you.

The gravity stats and in-air handling has been tweaked as well to allow for longer air time and better control over where you land, and a selection of three flavors of ramp are on menu.

Which previous inaccessible location will you try to ramp up to in GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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