Rat Loader Returning to GTA Online for Free


When Rockstar released the 1.07 patch for Grand Theft Auto Online, some gamers noticed certain vehicles missing from their garages. Among these missing vehicles was the “Rat Loader.” The Rat Loader was meant to be a utility vehicle, and so Rockstar felt it didn’t belong in player characters’ garages. Therefore, they fixed it in the patch. Other vehicles removed include select versions of the Tornado and Karen Rebel, vehicles meant to be used only in the single-player game.

However, fans loved the Rat Loader so much, Rockstar announced its return. For a limited period of time, the Rat Loader and its mods will return to the game. Players will be able to get it for free, at which point it will be theirs to own and store forever.

The exact dates for its return are not yet known, but interested players can subscribe to Rockstar’s support article (or better yet, just keep checking back here for updates) to learn more as soon as news is posted.

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