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Update: unfortunately, GTA V on PC has been delayed until April 14, 2015. Click the preceding link for more info.

If you’ve heard the recent rumors that the PC version of GTA V has been delayed again, you can relax. Rockstar has just debunked these pesky rumors on its own forums. An official community representative had the following to say:

GTAV will be coming to PC on January 27th. We have not announced any changes to this date at this time.

Since the official answer says there hasn’t been a delay “at this time,” some fans are still concerned, but in our opinion this doesn’t mean much because if there is a delay, Rockstar still want to be able to announce it (they can’t definitively say it will release on any date until that date arrives, delays could happen for any reason and occur at any time). All we can do now is wait, but further to our previous comments a delay this close to the release date seems unlikely. As far as we know, GTA V PC is still due out on January 27 (in less than three weeks!).

Pre-orders for games have been controversial lately, but if you want to play GTA V immediately on January 27, you can order the PC version now at the following stores:

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