Poll Results: Favorite GTA V Vehicles to Spawn


This past week we’ve been running a poll that asked what your favorite vehicle to spawn (using cheats) in GTA V is, and over 2500 readers and votes later we have a winner. One clear favorite shot ahead of the rest, while many of the others competed in popularity. So, what are the fan-favorite GTA V vehicles?

1. Buzzard

With 33.94% of the vote, the Buzzard helicopter undeniably claimed its place as our readers’ favorite GTA V vehicle to spawn. It’s little surprise the Buzzard is so popular, as it is faster than other helicopters and even some airplanes. Add in the firepower found in the Buzzard Attack Chopper, and you have a highly effective vehicle for both GTA V and GTA Online.

2. Comet


The next highest is the Comet, with 11.71% of the vote. That sizable segment of players prefer to cruise around in this sleek convertible. Resembling real-life Porsche models, the Comet is a favorite GTA V car.

3. Stunt Plane


In third place, 10.85% of the vote returns us to the skies. The fixed-wing Mallard is GTA V’s Stunt Plane, boasting high maneuverability and speed that allows pilots to perform tricks while in flight. It is a part of the Flight School challenges and can be obtained in several ways, including through use of a cheat code.

There you have it: the Buzzard, the Comet, and the Stunt Plane, our readers’ top 3 most popular GTA V vehicles to spawn using cheats. While the majority of results were fairly close, with even the 4th and 5th highest vehicles just barely behind the Stunt Plane, the Buzzard helicopter emerged the clear favorite.

Are these your favorite GTA V vehicles to spawn?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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