GTA 5 Peyote Plants Locations Guide


In the remastered versions of GTA V, Peyote plants are hidden across the map. If you eat one of these plants, your character will hallucinate that he is an animal. This will then put you in control of that animal. Fans at the GTA Forums worked together to uncover the locations of all 27 Peyote plants. Forum user DuPz0r created a helpful map you can see above (click it for a larger version), and user lewyeh compiled them all into a video. However, the map and video show them in a different order. We’ve also got a handy text guide for you below.

Once you eat a particular plant, it is gone forever, so create a save right beforehand if you want to do it again.
  1. Plant #1 – Go to the outskirts of Downtown Los Santos, and look for a pot on a porch.
  2. Plant #2 – Search for the plant in the grassy area in the southeast section of the map.
  3. Plant #3 – This one is underwater, just west of the Port of South Los Santos.
  4. Plant #4 – Roughly between South Los Santos and La Puerta, look for it near a fence.
  5. Plant #5 – Go to the southwest corner of the map, outside of Los Santos International Airport, and look near some machinery.
  6. Plant #6 – Go to the southwest coast, northwest of Los Santos International Airport, and look for it in a pot by a house.
  7. Plant #7 – Across from the 6th plant, search the water along the coast.
  8. Plant #8 – To the northwest of Vinewood, search for the plant in a pot on a roof, behind a larger potted plant.
  9. Plant #9 – Look near the large stones to the east of Vinewood Hills.
  10. Plant #10 – North of Vinewood Hills, the plant is hidden in tall grass and bushes.
  11. Plant #11 – To the southwest of the 10th plant, you can find this one sitting among rocks and dirt.
  12. Plant #12 – Between Tongva Valley and Tongva Hills, this plant waits on a large rock above the water.
  13. Plant #13 – This plant is underwater just off the west coast about midway down the map.
  14. Plant #14 – Look on the slope of Mount Josiah.
  15. Plant #15 – Look for a rocky slope east of Raton Canyon.
  16. Plant #16 – This one is underwater in the northwest corner of the Alamo Sea.
  17. Plant #17 – North of Raton Canyon, look for this one on a high plateau.
  18. Plant #18 – Climb Mount Chiliad to find the next plant.
  19. Plant #19 – This one is underwater off of the northern coast, just slightly to the west.
  20. Plant #20 – Go to Paleto Bay and search around some bushes near a bench.
  21. Plant #21 – Between Mount Chiliad and Braddock Pass, this plant is on a high slope.
  22. Plant #22 – Look near the water west of Mount Gordo.
  23. Plant #23 – This one is underwater off the east coast, somewhat above the middle of the map.
  24. Plant #24 – Southeast of the Grand Senora Desert, you can find this one near some trailer homes.
  25. Plant #25 – In the desert, near Harmony, this plant is hidden in with some shrubs.
  26. Plant #26 – South of the Grand Senora Desert, look on a rocky slope.
  27. Plant #27 – The final plant is by a bush on a small island along the southeast section of the coast, east of the Tataviam Mountains.
  28. Bonus: Sasquatch/Bigfoot Peyote Plant – Check out this full guide on how to find the Sasquatch Peyote.
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