Pegassi Torero Speeds Into GTA Online

Obligatory Adversary Mode included

The latest vehicle to arrive in the line of drip-fed GTA Online content is accompanied by yet another Adversary Mode. With a set of bonuses and discounts included too, this is pretty standard Tuesday fare for Grand Theft Auto 5.

The newest vehicle to be added to the game is the Pegassi Torero. While not a classic version of an existing vehicle in the GTA universe, the Torero does evoke a retro design and is based on the old model Lamborghini Countach. It can be bought from Legendary Motorsport for GTA$ 998,000.

There isn’t any clear indication of how it performs in relation to other cars just yet, but based on the stats alone this is a top-end vehicle in its class. The design is bound to appeal to car collectors and players who prefer retro sensibilities over hyper-modern futuristic supercars.

The new Adversary Mode that has been added to the game is called Power Mad and is a mishmash of existing game mechanics cooked into their own mode. Each match sees two teams compete to acquire the Juggernaut power-up.

Over time, the holder of the power up will fill a meter for their team, which when full, awards a point. When killed, the Juggernaut drops the power up allowing the enemy team to claim it. As is tradition, the Mode benefits from a double RP and GTA$ promo, through the 31st of July.

This week’s bonuses will help you acquire Gunrunning upgrades quicker, as research speed is boosted by 25%. In order to make use of said upgrades, the most useful module of the Mobile Operations Center, the Weapon and Vehicle Workshop is 25% off, as are the two standalone variants.

Since Gunrunning is still the name of the game, the same 25% discount applies to all handguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and submachine guns. Additionally, in order to help you boost the performance of your new Torero, all engine upgrades are also discounted by the same amount.

New bonuses will be live on the 1st of August, alongside some additional content.

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