Patch 1.06 for GTA V Introduces Beach Bum DLC


Title update version 1.06 is now live for Grand Theft Auto V and as promised by Rockstar it brings with it the new Beach Bum free DLC, which is now also available for everyone to download and install.

We understand that the new 1.06 patch fixes a lot of bugs and issues that some players have been experiencing in GTA Online. And while we haven’t been able to confirm it ourselves yet, the patch also probably fixes many of the previous glitches and exploits that players were using to farm RP and duplicate vehicles/get loads of cash from Los Santos Customs.

Other confirmed changes included in patch 1.06 include:

  • A mask glitch that used to cause players to go bald has been fixed.
  • Each of the three new “Beach Bum” vehicles is free of charge to purchase (the BF Bifta, Canis Kalahari and Bravado Paradise).
  • Now all cars that you find in the online dealership have accompanying images.
  • Payouts for certain races have been reduced.
  • Tanks and tow trucks appear to be disappearing from people’s garages.
  • The cost of the Pegasus has been reduced to $200.
  • You can now purchase Trevor’s truck and Michael’s car from the story mode.

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