Owning GTA Online’s VIP Work – Tips And Tricks

Check out our Executives And Other Criminals Bodyguards guide or read on for our VIP work guide.

For all the notoriety GTA Online has for making the acquisition of cash difficult and time consuming, Rockstar has been pretty darn generous in recent weeks. Double GTA $ events end just as the next begins, glitches speeding up the process of earning cash are conveniently unpatched, Shark-Cards temporarily gave more money to certain players and the most lucrative update yet was released in the form of Executives and Other Criminals.

VIP exclusive jobs may require your pockets to be at least a million bucks heavy to even be accessible, but they pay accordingly. VIP work offers a new alternative for GTA Online players looking to amass a fortune, but who are bored of grinding heists over and over.


However, the upper echelons of white-collar crime groups are in constant rivalry, muddying the waters around the reward system. VIP work features one of the more complicated payout methods in GTA Online. As we’ve covered previously, any $GTA Bodyguards win while in service go to their employer.

Starting a VIP job isn’t a guaranteed payout either – if another organisation completes the objective before you succeed, they’ll take the cash as well as the credit. But before you think of letting other organisations do the leg work and swiping the rewards at the last moment, keep in mind you’ll only get 70% of the goods this way.

VIP work adopts the wonderfully toothless philosophy applied to children’s competitions – if you participate, you win. This means that merely “contributing” to the job will net you 100 RP and 500 GTA$ for each minute you spend on the clock. This little bonus is one of the few kinds of cash that stays with the Bodyguard and isn’t billed to the VIP instead.


There are 6 distinct flavors of VIP work on the menu, each served in different locations, seasoned with various opponents and hindrances for your criminal pleasure. Discerning executives may peruse the following tips, broken down on a job-by-job basis.

Piracy Prevention – Hoist the sails, man the cannons and prepare to be boarded. Taking place on the magnificent yacht introduced in the update, this job involves one Organisation defending their floating status symbol from another. In this game mode, proximity mines are the defending team’s best friends. The VIP would also do well to call in a Buzzard to provide overwatch. Attackers will make use of the Ghost Organisation ability to ensure they’re not tracked as they fight their way to the upper deck.


Sightseer – In this mode, the VIP is declawed, but is the only one with the knowledge that will win you the job. While the VIP is busy hacking the Sightseer app and placing custom waypoints on the map for the bodyguards to follow, they will need constant protection. Getting in a vehicle is a good tactic here, but you’ll need to weigh speed and vulnerability when picking your ride.

Hostile Takeover – While in other modes, it’s only rival organisations you need to worry about, this time the game itself is out to get you. Possessing the package means you’re telegraphing your location to every soul in the session, so hiding isn’t an option. You need several routes in case one is overrun, as well a multiple vehicles to provide security for your valuable cargo. You might think that NPCs are a pushover, but when you have to pay attention to so many attackers, every hostile is a failure waiting to happen.

Executive Search – If you’re taking on this job as a VIP, you’re putting your skin up for sale. As the million-dollar man, you’ll need to keep moving at all times, as staying in one place will mark you on the map. Even so, the general area you’re in will be shown. While your enemies arrive in force to cover more ground, hiding in plain sights is the best option. Acting like an NPC is the best cover. No one will assume that a GTA Online player actually follows traffic rules.


Asset Recovery – Yet another mode where the cops add to your troubles, Asset Recovery has you steal marked vehicles from the police. The best tactic is to get everyone into position before nicking the first ride, as the moment that happens, all members of your organisation will immediately become wanted. Stealing all the rides simultaneously will improve your chances of escape. When driving to the drop-off zone, look at the road and not the mini-map – the GPS may lead you astray.

Executive Deathmatch – This one is the most straight forward. Stay close, use your abilities, stock up on ammo, keep the VIP alive and kill anything that moves. Bodyguards may want to sacrifice themselves if it means saving the VIP – it’s his life that counts. This job pays all participants equally, allowing bodyguards to make a little extra alongside their regular pay.

Which VIP job added to GTA Online in the Executive and Other Criminals DLC is your favorite?

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