Our Numbers Will Darken The Sky Of Los Santos

“Ah yes, Reapers…”


It seems that even in Los Santos, dismissing those claims would be a mistake. The ancient harbingers of our destruction have arrived in Blaine County, and the full invasion will soon follow.

Mass Effect, a legendary Sci-Fi RPG developed by Bioware and lauded for its story (the endings were fine, dammit!), follows the exploits of one Commander Shepard, who seeks to thwart the imminent destruction of galactic civilization by way of giant space shellfish who speak dramatically and shoot lasers at stuff. These so called Reapers, massive sentient spaceships, return to the galaxy from dark space every few million years to destroy all technologically advanced societies because [spoiler].


GTA V modder JJxORACLE has replaced the Blimp that cruises harmlessly around the skyline of Los Santos with the model of Harbinger, the largest of the Reapers, and the one considered to be their leader. In lore, Harbinger is supposed to be over 2km tall, and while the mod does not quite get that size right, the massive Reaper looming over Los Santos is still a frightening sight. Harby can be piloted, just like the blimp, but the mod is very much a work in progress. There is no hit detection on it, and occasionally it disappears outright. JJxORACLE plans on updating the mod over time, hopefully solving these issues, as well as adding some of the features that commenters have been suggesting. Adding the ability to shoot lasers, and adding a horn sound which is the characteristic reaper “BWWWAAAARRRRRMMMMMM” sound would be absolutely awesome.

Now all we need is an N7 armor skin and an Avenger assault rifle modded into the game and the vision will be complete. That, or replace one of the jets with the Normandy. I mean, we have an X-wing already.


Are you looking forward to assuming direct control of Los Santos?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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