No, The New GTA Online DLC Did Not Launch Last Tuesday

So, yeah, journalism.

Recently here at GTA 5 Cheats, we came across a funny little article pertaining to GTA V with the following, rather hilarious title:

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Releases ‘Lowrider’ DLC; New Camera Modes, Audio Modifications Filers Featured; No Tommy Vercetti


We won’t include a link because that would just give the article more clicks, which is exactly what that saddening title is trying to do, but if you’re really determined, you’ll find it within a minute anyway.

Now, we’re not trying to discredit the site, or give them a bad rep, or anything malicious like that. The upcoming Lowrider DLC has so many rumors circulating around it that it would be easy to get lost in all the info and speculation, however erroneous reporting will only make things that much worse.

While these errors can happen, sometimes a site will step out of its sphere of influence and “report” on a hot topic to get some clicks. However, a hot topic is “hot”, because many sources are discussing it. How to get the most clicks? Say something no one else is. The discussion surrounding the upcoming DLC is focused on rumors because the DLC hasn’t released yet. This is like when a popular movie is released, and millions of people watch it, if you type the film’s name into google the second top result will the be title with a “2” at the end, because people like to speculate.

Obviously, reporting that the DLC has released will bring in droves of people seeing the headline and going like “bwuh?” and clicking the link.

This isn’t the kind of non-news that the GTA 6 rumors have been generating.

This isn’t the kind of non-news where a site basically just republishes someone else’s article. This is the kind of false-news seeking to rake in cash without regards to misinformation.

We hope none of you believed this GTA “news”, right?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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