New Import/Export “Method” Maximises GTA Online Profit

You can play the game, and then you can “play” the game

Import/Export has only been available for two days, but we’ve all been there: you get crappy car sourced after crappy car with low commissions. You feel like you’re toiling away endlessly only to be rewarded with what amounts to pocket change simply because your luck isn’t exactly top-notch.

So what do you do when the umpteenth cheap-ass vehicle comes up? Throw your hands up in the air, shout an expletive and go back to running crates or using that alternating VIP job method while your Bikers businesses are cooking up cash passively? Go back further and grind PacStandard with that glitch?

Well, sure you can do any of those. Or, you can use this method and tap into the new most lucrative activity in GTA Online (before it’s patched, of course).

Depending on how much time you usually spend waiting for loading screens and how quick your internet is, you might be pulling an average of $GTA 2 million after a few hours of play within a single session. Of course, this will vary, but in any case, by following this new method you’ll be increasing efficiency greatly.

It isn’t rocket science, so you don’t need any technical know-how to benefit. While it was hammurabi1337 who brought attention to this trick on Reddit, several other players have independently discovered it too, so it is pretty much guaranteed to work in your case too.

The idea is to bypass the cooldown timer intended to prevent players from just skipping every single crappy car they’re supposed to source and to only go after the expensive ones. These cooldown bypasses have been the main methods used to get efficiency gains at least since Executives and Other Criminals, though they likely were around before too.

Basically, whenever you begin sourcing and see you’re straddled with a cheap job, hitting “Find New Session” will allow you to drop the current source without triggering the cooldown. This can be repeated as many times as you want concurrently without suffering any ill effect.

Keep in mind however that even this method will start losing steam after a while so to say. There are some restrictions in place for importing cars, such as a limit of three of the same vehicle in a warehouse. This means that as you start gradually filling up your warehouse with high-end cars, the chances of getting another high-end the next time you roll decreases.

Another disadvantage here is that you cannot bypass the selling limit from the warehouse, so while you can quickly stock up on expensive vehicular cargo, you can’t offload it without waiting out the timer in between each export. That said, cutting out the import timers and ensuring that you only bother with the valuable rides will still boost your efficiency.

This method, when utilized to full effect, will get you a better money/hour ratio than Heists. Add to it the passive income generated by the businesses from Bikers and you have a surefire way of quickly racking up some serious cash. Cash which you will need to buy the rest of the content that was introduced to the game with the Import/Export DLC.

In other news, a built-in streamlining and optimizing feature that improves on load times in Import/Export has been discovered. Once you’ve stockpiled enough vehicles – 10, to be exact – you’ll be greeted by a somewhat different sight than usually.

Instead of increasing load speeds, Rockstar has added a feature that means once you’ve hit 10 stockpiled vehicles, starting with the oldest cars, vehicles in the warehouses will be covered by large white, green or blue fabric. This way the silhouette of the car will be recognized by players nonetheless, however the additional mods and individual paint-jobs and other custom features won’t have to be loaded up each time the player enters it, further streamlining the experience.

In order to maximize efficiency with this cooldown skip, players have already begun combining it with other methods, trying to math out where it fits best, where it slots into the VIP method and how to time it in relation to those cooldowns which cannot be skipped. If reports are to be believed, scoring millions within hours is possible, making the prices of Import/Export seem much more reasonable.

Have you managed to sell a bunch of high-end cars in Import/Export yet?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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