New GTA Online Week-Long Event Announced

Rockstar sure is determined not to let you get bored with GTA Online. Not only are they dropping new Adversary Modes like there’s no tomorrow, but they’re organizing all kinds of week-long events to keep you occupied.


The previous event, which only ended yesterday, served to commemorate the all new Rhino Hunt Adversary Mode. The new mode pits one or two tank operators against a team of sticky-bomb wielding hunters zooming around in smaller but nimble vehicles.

The accompanying event doubled the RP and GTA $ gain on it and the new Till Death Do Us Part Adversary Mode introduced in the recent Be My Valentine update released earlier last month.

This all new event focuses on the good old Versus Missions introduced way back when the San Andreas Flight School update was first released.

Starting today and lasting all the way through the 10th, next Thursday, all Versus Missions (and there is a ton of them) will be rewarding double RP and cash for both the winning and losing parties.

Aspiring fighter-aces are also in for a special treat. While the event lasts, flying under bridges while playing in Freemode will also yield twice as much RP.

It might not seem as much, but for players who often employ the use of jets and are looking to rise in the levels, a little can go a damn long way.


As you’ve most likely gotten used to by now, GTA Online events don’t only mean double RP and in-game money promotions, but serious discounts on various items.

This particular event is absolutely loaded with sales. Being dressed for the occasion is crucial for all discerning pilots, therefore all flight suits and caps have had their prices slashed by half. If you’re looking for something in the aerial theme, check out how to save the Drop Zone outfits.

But what good are flying skills without something to fly? Both private jets and combat helicopters have gotten a sweet 25% discount throughout the whole event, as have automatic rifles so you can protect yourself in case you get shot down.

Speaking of getting shot down, Homing Launchers and their ammo has also been discounted. You can now buy these bad boys for 30% less than their regular price. Granted, many players don’t consider these to be the best weapons against jets, however they do get the job done in the right hands.


Following GTA Online event tradition, the jobs which are the current focus have been grouped together into an event playlist for easy access.

However, considering how many of these things there are, Rockstar is going to by mixing up the playlist every few days lest the Versus Missions become tedious.

Rockstar will also be hosting their usual event livestream event on their Twitch channel later today, showing off some good old Versus Mission gameplay with a few guest players from the GTA Online fanbase.

You’ll be able to re-watch the stream on their official YouTube channel if you miss the stream for whatever reason.

Which part of this new GTA Online update are you most excited about?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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