New GTA Online Event Extends Bonuses

Double rewards for special vehicles tracks is here to stay

If the “new” bonuses in GTA Online’s current event seem familiar to you, there’s a reason for that. Rockstar kicked off a new round of discounts and bonuses for the multiplayer component of GTA 5, and while the former truly are a new selection, the latter is just a rerun of last week’s double reward bonus.

Through the 29th of March, next Wednesday, playing any of the recently added special vehicle stunt races will net you double the usual RP and cash rewards. What’s more, playing any of the Rockstar Verified stunt races that won the contest last year will also offer double rewards. So if you want to add some variety to playing the special vehicle races over and over, just hop on over to those for some additional pocket money.

That said, Rockstar does have some new things on offer for GTA Online players in the form of a selection of discounts on a number of popular items. All garage properties are 25% off, but we’re not sure if this includes those nifty 60 slot executive garages that can be added to player’s offices.

Four sports cars have also been discounted, which is refreshing after all the attention supercars have been getting recently. The Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, Declasse Drift Tampa, Dinka Jester and Ocelot Lynx are all 25% off much like the garage properties, and the MTL Dune joins them in the lineup.

The next two premium races have also been named – anyone wonder why they’re designated in pairs recently? In any case, the elite of the racing scene will be tearing up asphalt on Drop Ship locked to the Ruiner 2000 until the 27th, with Island Hopping locked to the Blazer Aqua through the 3th of April. Time Trials are also being cycled, with Coast to Coast and Casino coming up.

This event is likely riding on the wave of the recently released Special Vehicles Circuit update since the game hasn’t really gotten anything else of substance recently. Chances are the next minor update that we’ll get next week which adds a new vehicle alongside an Adversary Mode will herald an event where the double rewards bonus is applied to said Mode.

In the meantime, get ready to race across those special vehicle tracks that we’ve all gotten well acquainted with last week. We’re eager to see which of the upcoming vehicles will be released next!

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