New GTA Online DLC Hoax

Just when you thought with both the Lowriders and Halloween DLC rumors turning out to be true, that you can start believing rumors floating around the web… But here we have yet another GTA Online DLC hoax.


The fact that people out there have the kind of free time and dedication to put effort into these things is baffling. Many fake DLC “leaks” pertain to the kinds of features or new content which quite obviously wouldn’t be Rockstar’s first choice, and very rarely are they believable to any extent.


This newest “leak” concerns an upcoming apartment and safehouse customization feature, allowing you to play interior decorator and architect with your in-game properties. A relatively unknown YouTuber posted a video about how he allegedly found images and game files dug out of the GTA Online Lowriders source code. Turns out, however, that these were all fabrications, and the files he “found” in the code were actually created by the YouTuber.

In recent weeks, DLC releases for GTA Online have become more and more frequent. As a side effect, the official announcements always happen really close to launch, meaning we probably won’t get any official info on upcoming updates until a few days before actual release, or on the day of release itself.


People are determined to find out what the next DLC for GTA Online will contain. Players know to anticipate a few vehicles – as of the 12 cars found by the data miners who uncovered Lowriders, only 6 have been released (or 8, depending on whether or not the Halloween vehicles come from that batch). Lowriders added a fourth purchasable property to the game, allegedly to buff out garage space, but with the attention properties got, it is plausible that apartment customization is in the pipeline.

This leak, however, is definitely a hoax!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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