Next Round Of GTA Online Discounts Kicked Off

Does anyone not have an executive office yet?

A new set of discounts have gone up in GTA Online, all ahead of any kind of official announcement so far. It’s not unheard of for new tunable changes being triggered before being announced, so we can expect some official word on the new wave of bonuses soon. But in the meantime, players checking the game and the tunables have reported a pretty hearty list of markdowns.

This also means that the content of the targeted sales has also been mixed up compared to what was on offer back when we covered this new phenomenon in GTA Online. First though, let’s look at the global sales.

CEO offices and garages will once again be discounted. Offices seemingly go on sale every second wave – not that we’re complaining, since those things are pretty damn expensive. The garages are a nice addition for people who have been hurting for those 60 slots but couldn’t yet grind up the cash needed. Both will be cheaper by 25%.

Beyond these discounts, two cars are also going on sale, though as neither are particularly new additions to the game. The Tempesta and the Massacro are both 25% off as long as this wave will last. In addition, handguns, transmission upgrades, brakes and vehicle armor also get the same 25% discount. For those of you looking for a fast new car to roll around in, the Tempesta could be the way to go as it recently came 2nd in Broughy’s lap time tests.

The targeted discounts are seemingly aimed at bikers this time around. A 25% discount has been confirmed on both the Shotaro and the Nightblade, whereas it is known that MC club houses will also get a markdown based on the tunables, but no one is sure if they will be 25% or 50% off.

Much of this data has been collected based on player reports in this thread, as well as data mined from the game’s tunables by reputable leakers who have been doing the same thing to pull 3D models of upcoming vehicles and the like (also linked in the thread).

As for DLC, we can expect the release of the Turismo Classic next week.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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