New GTA Online Details Revealed


Spanish gaming website 3D Juegos managed to score an interview with Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies, and in it he revealed a whole heap of new information concerning the recently revealed GTA Online (trailer and FAQ). The original interview is here (in Spanish), but we’ve also posted the most important pieces of new information below, in English of course!

  • It has long been a dream of Rockstar Games to create a “separate” multiplayer game for the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA Online is it.
  • There was between 30 and 40 writers who solely worked on writing GTA Online with help from others who also worked on GTA 5.
  • There is instant transition from the single player mode of GTA V into GTA Online (already known) and while this transition is taking the place, the game will start match making. Firstly it tries your friends, then members of your crew, and finally it searches for players of a similar rank.
  • Pretty much anything that can be done in the single player game can also be done in the multiplayer game.
  • As you rank higher in GTA Online more missions and characters to interact with will become available to you. You can also put limits on the people you want to do missions with (for example, only those above a rank of 50).
  • While there is a story in GTA Online, it is no where near as full and involved as the story in the single player part of GTA 5.
  • There are currently about 700 missions in GTA Online and Rockstar hopes that at least 500 will always be available. Each mission can be evaluated and tweaked continuously by Rockstar, and players can download more from the Rockstar Social Club.
  • Most GTA Online missions will be accessible either by visiting a specific place on the map or by calling one of the contacts in your phone. You can also open a list of extensive jobs however.
  • Specific heists will have certain requirements in order to complete them successfully. Like you might need certain weapons, vehicle or even characters (like a good driver or an accurate sniper) to pull them off.
  • The ability to speak via microphone in GTA Online will be pretty important for players.
  • Players can create and share their own missions via the Rockstar Social Club. Initially this will be limited to making your own races and deathmatch races, but Rockstar want to expand the possibilities down the track. Things like weather, timing, police presence, pedestrians, difficulty, level required and other factors can all be controlled and customized.
  • Team lives are all shared between the members of a team for a co-operative mission. If a team has four players, there are four lives that can be shared between them. Everyone can die once, or one person could die four times.
  • All activities like golf, skiing and biking can be done in GTA Online.
  • You can use in-game TVs to watch deathmatch games as a spectator, watch your friends getting chased by the police on the TV news or to even check the surveillance cameras in your garage. If someone interesting comes along and you go meet them, you might get the chance to learn new skills or progress in the game…
  • Additional game modes like “Capture the Flag” will be available.
  • The main reasons for limiting each multiplayer game to 16 players (as opposed to 32 players, for example) was because of the need to store each player’s specific customizations and vehicles.
  • GTA Online will exist “in the cloud” on Rockstar Social Club servers.
  • A complete record of all your activities in GTA Online will be stored in the Social Club and you’ll be able to access it. Rockstar will also use the information to decide which missions are most popular and how to tweak them, etc.
  • While GTA Online may not be a traditional MMO at the moment, that is where Rockstar want to take it. They view GTA Online as the start of something bigger and have plans to make GTA Online a persistent world where millions of people coexist.
  • Rockstar will keep GTA V and GTA Online “joined at the hip” forever. Each game will take off on its own direction.

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