New GTA Online Bonuses Let You Prepare For Gunrunning

Grab extra cash from Businesses and Special Cargo

Rockstar Games seems keen on helping enterprising players gain more starting capital in order to jump into Gunrunning next month with a new set of double rewards on some of the best money-making activities in the game. At the same time, they inadvertently might have given away the release date of the highly anticipated GTA Online DLC too.

The new promotions and discounts are live through the 12th of June, a Monday. We speculated that the 13th may be the possible release date of the upcoming DLC, and this could confirm it as Rockstar is likely to kick off new bonuses (most likely a double RP and cash bonus on whatever new Adversary Mode will arrive with the update) upon the launch of Gunrunning.

The promotions live from today on are double rewards on all Special Vehicles missions, which allow you to purchase said vehicles at minor discounts from SecuroServe, and an additional 25% profit from all Businesses and Special Cargo deliveries. The latter are especially interesting for those CEOs looking to stack their pockets for the upcoming DLC as these deliveries are pretty lucrative by default too.

That said, it isn’t wise to write off the businesses either. We’ve put together some handy guides in the past which can help you maximize profits on regular days, but coupled with the additional 25%, these are fantastic ways to rack up fortunes with relatively little effort spent of money invested.

Discounts on offer are varied, ranging from the highly practical to the utterly useless. It might be tempting to blow your savings on some of these deals, but you’ll likely be better off keeping your cash until the Gunrunning DLC arrives – unless, of course, one of these purchases will help you make money more effectively in the interim.

First up we have precisely the kind of deal that will help you along the way towards fortune. Executive Offices, necessary for doing CEO work, are 25% off, as are the less essential Executive Garages and the accompanying Mod-Shop add-on. A more substantial 50% discount is offered on all Office upgrades in case you’re missing that gun locker or accommodations.

Stepping out of the office, you’ll need to be prepared for all the dangers Los Santos will throw at you, and what better way to ensure your safety with heavy duty, sometimes armed, vehicles? Warstock is offering a 25% on the Rhino Tank, the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up, the Rocket Voltic, the Ruiner 2000, the Valkyrie and the Armored Boxville. All but the Rhino have two prices depending on whether or not you’ve completed the associated mission or heist, and the discount applies to both.

Moving over to the more decadent side of things, all yachts are 25% off, and all yacht mods are 50% off. This is bound to tempt more than a few players into blowing millions on the ships only to buy Shark Cards for the DLC – obviously a coincidence, right?

While the yachts still have some practical use, the biggest waste of money in the game is also on sale. The Luxor Deluxe, the 10 million gold-plated private jet will now only cost you 5 million with a 50% discount. The same discount applies to the Swift Deluxe, a gold-plated helicopter.

Armaments are also on the cheap, with an Ammunation sale throwing 25% discounts on Body Armor and Ammo, as well as 50% discounts on Box/Drum Magazines and Luxury Finishes. With a very weapon-oriented DLC on the cusp of being released, no wonder they’re clearing stock.

Make sure to cash in on these promotions before the DLC arrives to take maximum advantage of the new content the moment it becomes available. More cash will never hurt, but we’ve made a guess as to how much cash you’ll need for Gunrunning. Happy grinding!

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