New GTA Online Adversary Mode And Event Announced

Rockstar really is in rapid-fire mode with new content. Following closely after the Be My Valentine update for GTA Online, they announced a week-long event doubling RP and GTA$ payouts on contact missions. That particular event ended yesterday but Rockstar isn’t resting. In recent months Rockstar has taken to releasing new Adversary Modes as mini-updates on their own, or as a part of GTA Online events commemorating a holiday. Such Adversary Modes include Running Back, Drop-Zone and Every Bullet Counts.


Rockstar has now released yet another new Adversary Mode and announced an event to go with it. Contrasting the tender approach of Till Death Do Us Part, the new Adversary Mode is all about sheer firepower. Trophy hunters, gear up!

Rhino Hunt, GTA Online’s new Adversary Mode pits asymmetrical teams of sticky-bomb toting buggy drivers against one or two Rhino operators. It should go without saying that the goal of each team is to eliminate the other.


Fights are not nearly as one sided as you may think. While the Rhino tank is massive, heavily armored and packs a massive punch, the buggies and other smaller vehicles driven by the other team are nimble enough to dodge shots, not to mention they offer a very small target for the tank. Add to that the fact that sticky bombs do ridiculous amounts of damage and you’ve got yourself a fair fight.

The “Hunters” as they are called may quickly become the hunted. The large and slow tanks may offer easy targets however it won’t be easy taking them out. As a Hunter, you’d do well to stay moving at all times, because taking even a single shot from a Rhino is fatal.

Currently, there are three locations in GTA Online where you can play Rhino Hunt. You can also just jump in on a playlist to experience it all in one go.

As further enticement Rockstar has also kicked off a sweet week-long event focusing on Adversary Modes. Obviously the focus is on Rhino Hunt, but the other modes get some bonuses too.


Playing the new Adversary Mode will net you twice the GTA$ and RP as it would (will?) by default – whoever said that hunting doesn’t pay? All the other Adversary Modes, including the recent Till Death Do Us Part will be rewarding players with twice as much RP for each match without the increase in cash payouts.

What week-long GTA Online event would be complete without discounts? The Rhino Hunt Week event slashes the price in heavy ordnance and other equipment which helps you in more action-heavy situations. The whole catalog of Warstock Cache&Carry as well as all Merryweather services have been discounted by 25%, but that isn’t all. AR ammo, tactical gear for heists and select weapon attachments have had their prices halved to further assist you on your destructive exploits.

Rockstar will also be holding their traditional event livestream session with some guest players making appearances. It should surprise no-one that the focus of the stream will be the new Adversary Mode. If you’re still not sold on the idea, or have doubts regarding balance, make sure to tune in and let Rockstar wipe your fears away.

Rockstar’s trigger happy attitude with regards to new GTA Online content suggests that some kind of large scale DLC is well along its way. The last time they went rapid-fire with special events, it culminated in the release of one of the biggest updates the game has seen. As to the nature of said DLC, we can only guess – until some data-miner leaks the whole thing, that is.

Are you guys looking forward to trying out this new GTA Online Adversary Mode?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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