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A tonne of new Grand Theft Auto 5 information has been released over the past 24 hours (including all these screenshots) and rather than bog you down with pages and pages of details, here at GTA 5 Cheats we thought we’d give you a simple, no BS list that tells you quickly and simply what to expect when the game is released on September 17 this year. So without further ado…

Property and Business: You can buy properties as well as businesses. This will earn you extra cash from rent and revenue.

The Phone: There will be a new phone called the iFruit. With it you will be able to take pictures, call people, view contacts, browse the net, use social media and replay missions.

Gameplay: You can: roll from cover, rob liquor stores and ATMs, pick up hitchhikers and hunt animals (as in Red Dead Redemption).

Activities: Activities you can undertake include stunts (ie vehicle jumps etc), flying, tennis, yoga, golf, bike races and triathlons.

Player Customization: You will be able to customize your character with tattoos, haircuts and clothing (ala San Andreas).

Vehicle Customization: You will be able to customize your vehicles with paintjobs, tints, grills, spoilers, wheels and performance upgrades (ie Pay n Spray style).

Weapon Customization: Will include high capacity magazines, lasers, scopes and silencers.

Police Radar/Wanted Level: The police radar system will be similar to previous games, but there will no longer be the 6 star wanted level. Also so long as you are not in the line of sight of the cops, you’ll be able to hide.

Character Stats: Player attributes include stamina, shooting, strength, stealth, flying, driving, mechanical ability and lung capacity.

Character Specials: Each character will have a special ability. Michael has bullet time, Trevor has frenzy mode and Franklin has adrenaline junkie (slows time while driving). The first two are self-explanatory.

Map Size: The map is 350% bigger than that of Red Dead Redemption and 500% bigger if you include the water.  The gaming world is surrounded by water everywhere (as opposed to being land locked).

Ocean/Underwater: There is underwater features including fish and sharks, and also treasure, shipwrecks etc.

Missions and Heists:  The game revolves around missions called “heists”. You get to recruit and control all aspects of each heist. For example, who will do it (recruitment), which vehicles are used, what weapons, what outfits/disguises etc. The more certain crew are used, the more their skills will improve.

Dying/Restarting:  If you die you will be taken back to the last checkpoint, this is even if your other characters are alive.

Switching Characters:  When you switch characters the camera will zoom out, and then zoom back in on the character you’re moving to. The closer the two are together, the quicker it will be.

Pedestrians:  The AI level of the pedestrians will be greatly improved and there will be up to 500% more of them!

Multiplayer:  You can play the single player game using your multiplayer character (for a total of four possible choices) and simply pressing down on the d-pad will allow you to switch between single and multiplayer modes.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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