New 400 Point RP Glitch Discovered


Here’s a handy little glitch that will allow you to gain 400 reputation points (RP) each and every time you do it. It works as follows:

  1. Start a new invite-only session of GTA Online and find a motorbike.
  2. Once you’ve done that, proceed to the Los Santos Customs in Sandy Shores. Directly across the road you’ll see a store you can rob.
  3. Drive over, park outside, get of your bike and walk in. Once inside, pull out your weapon but do not press aim – they will cause the glitch to be ineffective.
  4. You should get a Wanted Level – it will be 2 stars initially but as you keep carrying out the glitch will be increase to 4 stars.
  5. Now exit the store and get back on your bike. Drive back across to the LSC and go inside. You will gain 400 RP.
  6. Once inside (and with the RP received) press “B” on the Xbox 360 or “O” on the PS3 to back out.
  7. You can now repeat steps 3 to 6 above over and over again. You should keep a continuous 4 star Wanted Level and get 400 RP each time.


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