Most GTA V “Journalism” These Days Is A Joke

Do us a favor. Do a quick search for GTA V on Google and head over to the News tab. Now do this again for just “GTA”, and then GTA 5.

You’ll get, on first glance, different results from different sources, on first glance. However, it won’t take long for it to become clear that in truth you’re seeing all the same “news” and worse, that you’ve been seeing all the same news for freakin’ months!


Sure, whenever something actually happens in the world of GTA V, there is a small spike of real news going around. But otherwise, it’s all regurgitated filler. It’s all the same baseless and contrived “GTA 6” rumors all over again. It’s always the same predictions about upcoming updates all over again. It’s always the same “players are still waiting for story DLC” (no, they’re not) all. over. again.

And it’s always the same websites, posting the same content, linking to one another’s identical articles, all over again. They’re gaming Google News and the GTA community in general.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find any honest or genuine journalism of any measure of quality in this glorified circle-jerk of rumors. Whenever people get creative, they just post a video made by some popular GTA V streamer and report on what they say in said video as fact. Granted, there are newer and newer articles about the game going up every day, and there can hardly be that much newsworthy stuff going on around just GTA V all the time. But these sites… these “journalists” really ought to put a tad more effort into it.


GTA V has a sprawling fandom, a dedicated modding community, and Rockstar are also paying plenty of attention to their flagship product. This is a topic with the potential for a whole lot more variety, instead of reading how some star may or may not play a unconfirmed protagonist of a game which may or may not exist for the umpteenth time.

We’re not going to just preach from the mountain tops either though – do you guys feel GTA 5 Cheats is providing enough variety in its posts?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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