Mod Turns GTA V Into Anger Management Therapy

Not that it couldn’t fill that role already, but this particular GTA V mod feeds your most basic anger reaction desires.

Do you ever have those days when everyone you meet is an ass, you keep running red lights, you have a ton of stuff to get done and you already know you’re not really going to be sleep at all tonight; but its only 10 am and darn it this day is dragging? If you do, this GTA V mod might come in very handy.


The Ambient Weapons mod allows you to pick up more or less any prop in GTA V and use it as a melee weapon, or throw it with superhuman strength. The props which this mod makes available for use as weapons are many, with all props not physically fixed in place included. If any fixed prop can be broken off from its ‘anchor’, such as damaging a mailbox so that it is no longer riveted into the concrete, then it will be usable as a weapon.


You’ll be able to easily carry, swing and throw objects well beyond human capabilities, such as filled dumpsters and street lamps, but this only adds to the experience. Whether or not a prop can be picked up will be indicated by said object flashing when your character is in close proximity. From surfboards and chairs, to dumpsters and trashcans, everything is fair game.


For maximum comedic effect, pick up the object while in a vehicle. Jousting using street lamps while on bikes is particularly amusing. What GTA V activity soothes your nerves the most?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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