Mod Brings GTA V Radar and Specials to GTA IV

You might get the chance to experience some of Grand Theft Auto 5’s new features sooner than you think if GTA IV modder nixolas1 has anything to do with it. He’s the same guy behind the GTA 4 superman mod and is working on bringing a lot of the HUD features from GTA V across to Grand Theft Auto IV.

As you can see in the video below, the radar HUB from GTA V has already been done, as has the new “special abilities” function that each main character will possess in GTA V (along with the requisite specials meter). A GTA V-esque weapon switching wheel is also included in the clip.

With Grand Theft Auto V due out next month a lot of us will be using these new features for real shortly, however it’s cool to see that the GTA modding community is alive and well. In our opinion this only adds to the reasons why GTA V needs a PC version!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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