Mini-Guide: GTA Online Freemode Events Part II

Continuing from last week’s inaugural GTA Online Freemode Events tips part I, Rockstar has posted the second installment of their guide to mastering the all new missions and jobs introduced in patch 1.29. Let’s jump right in to the next four events:


In Kill List, and its competitive version, you’ll be going against an endless stream of Merryweather mercenaries hell bent on making you not live anymore. You, and up to three other players will be tricked out with some seriously heavy weaponry to face off the private military contractor, so remember to make use of it, and make sure that every weapon on your vehicle is manned. Considering Merryweather will also be packing a serious punch, stay on the move to avoid becoming a sitting duck.

Penned In will see players attempt to stay inside an ever moving and constantly shrinking dome. Watch out though, as with space running out, the other players will try and knock you out of the field. Avoid aerial vehicles and try to stay as close to the epicenter as possible, and weigh the maneuverability of bikes and the brawn of trucks. The first few seconds are most critical, so make sure you’re on point when the event starts.


Dead Drop is a game of delivery, however there are multiple players and just one item to deliver, and you only gain points if you’re the one to drop off the item, or if you eliminate the carrier. Team work is essential in this event, so you need a trustworthy friend to cover you and share the spoils later. If you’re carrying, make sure you’re never surrounded and always on the move.

Checkpoints is fairly simple. There are spots marked on the map. Go there. Simple as that. Choice of vehicle is crucial here as well, and you’ll need to know your way around the map.

How well are you guys doing in the new GTA Online Freemode Events?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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