Massive GTA Online Vehicle Sale Under Way

If the week long event doubling RP and $GTA cash payouts on all VIP work and a unique Adversary Mode playlist wasn’t enough, there is a sale involving almost all vehicles in GTA Online going on. It seems Rockstar is really feeling quie generous nowadays as two rather significant glitches which help with making more money off VIP jobs are still un-patched, the best money-making tactic involves select VIP jobs and these jobs now pay twice the cash for a whole week. Add to this the lowered vehicle prices and players all over will finally have a chance to buy the rides they’ve been grinding for.


The sale started on the fifth but is independent of the weekend event and of the discounts on a few of the VIP exclusive cars and boats. This sale involves almost all regular vehicles, save for some of the rides in Warstock Cache and Carry. In some places the discounts only shave off a few thousand $GTA from the lower-end purchases but the higher you go the better the rate, with high-end vehicles saving you several hundreds of thousands. While even with these discounts the top is still unreachable for most players, the sale has made the mid range much more accessible for players who don’t have the time to grind up fortunes.


It is unknown how long this particular sale will last, but since it began alongside the event, most people assume it will end on the 11th as well. Most players would likely prefer it to last just a little longer in order for them to spend every second cashing in on the double GTA $ payouts while the event lasts. However, if you’re not hurting for new rides, you can always save up for the customizable Roosevelt coming with the Valentine’s Day DLC.


Are you guys getting any new GTA Online vehicles due to the sale?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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