LSPDFR Just Went Full Meta – 0.3

The team over at LSPDFR just pulled the biggest and least expected twist by virtue of a new feature the upcoming 0.3 update.

No mod has been more impressive, nor more ambitious, than the massive police simulator total conversion mod LSPDFR. The team has been hard at work on delivering the next major update for the modification, the 0.3 build, and have been posting frequent preview articles showcasing some of the new features that will be included in the new release. Until now at least, the whole concept of LSPDFR has been to flip the tables of GTA V and instead of a criminal, have the player take control of a police officer enforcing the law. Well, the team have made a rather stupefying announcement regarding the newest feature of their mod.


You will be able to play as a criminal in LSPDFR. To make it absolutely clear for all of you, let’s run this down. You can play a criminal simulator within a police simulator within a criminal simulator. You can play GTA in LSPDFR in GTA. Yep. They just went metameta.

The mod has been steadily gaining popularity, having now passed the half-million total downloads mark. The preview posts for 0.3 helped boost the popularity of the mod, as the new features are extensive and radical. This particular new feature was born of a testing methodology used by the development team.


The AI cops in the mod have been advanced far beyond anything found in the vanilla game, and what better way to test the effectiveness of AI cops than to give them someone to chase? Whenever the team introduced a new protocol to the NPC police allies present in the mod, they would jump into the game as one of the protagonists, cause a bit of trouble, and see how the police respond – and now, this has become a full feature.

Which previewed 0.3 feature of LSPDFR are you looking forward to the most?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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