LSPDFR Development Continues, Site Gets New Features

We here at GTA 5 Cheats have been closely following the development of the LSPDFR total conversion mod for GTA V in the past several months. The mod is an extremely ambitious undertaking, as it seeks to re-imagine the whole of GTA V as a cop simulator, putting the player into the shoes of an officer of the Los Santos Police Department First Response division. The mod is in the beta phase, running version 0.2b, which already has enough features to pass as a whole game in its own right. Players are able to pull over vehicles, request I.D.’s from any NPCs (who all have individual profiles), arrest any NPC and take on police-themed missions through the police computer found in squad cars. They can call in backup during chases, track down suspects and detain dangerous individuals – and all this is just the beginning.


Of course, work on the project has hardly been easy thanks to Rockstar’s trappings. With hackers and modders running rampant in GTA Online, Rockstar has begun to wage war on online mods, which has taken a turn for the extreme. Certain patches broke all mods, even in single player, while another’s anti-modding measure filled up the game files with dead code, making all versions of the game unplayable.

Despite all these difficulties, work on LSPDFR is going ahead full speed. Recently, after recovering from a DDoS attack, the LSPDFR website has introduced a new downloads portal, which makes navigating and finding particular mods hosted on the site much easier. Now the GTA V and GTA IV files are categorized separately, and an advanced filtering system has been added to make finding what you’re looking for that much easier. It is good to see the LSPDFR team looking after their community even with such a hard time in development.

Are you guys looking forward to LSPDFR?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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