Lowriders Comes To Singleplayer Via Mod

Do you prefer to stay in on weekends? Are your favorite plans the one which are cancelled? And do you prefer the unbridled, cheat and modding enabled, un-restricted, un-hampered solo chaos of GTA V single player over GTA Online’s multiplayer experience?

If so, you might be mad at the fact so many updates have come to GTA Online with content that never reached the single player portion of the game, for seemingly no good reason at all? Well, modding is here to save you.


You’re of a single player person, but you’ve been wishing for one of those sweet new fully customizable lowrider vehicles? Well, if it were up to Rockstar, you’d be outta of luck (at least for now). But one modder out there is happy to fulfill your wish. Coming from popular modder Guadmaz, this mod brings Benny’s Original Motorworks to the single player mode of GTA V. Franklin, Michael and Trevor can now hop around Los Santos in a fully tricked out lowrider to cause all sorts of mischief.

This is the 1.0.2 version of the mod, but it will be constantly updated, as many players keep encountering all sorts of errors and crashes. It is an early build, so if you too get these errors, report them to the author in the comment section, follow instructions or wait for the next update.


Currently, this mod pertains to the chop shop and the vehicles themselves, so the other features of the Lowriders update which would function in a single player environment (weapons, for example), haven’t been ported over yet. While it isn’t stated that there are plans for this in later versions, it would surely increase the mod’s popularity, and players are clamoring for more new single player content.

Who prefers GTA V’s single player over Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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