Lost GTA Online Characters won’t be Restored


Rockstar has officially confirmed that if you lost a Grand Theft Auto Online character as a result of the recent launch issues, it will not be coming back.

Commenting on the post announcing the Stimulus Package on the official Rockstar Newswire page, “R* K” had the following to say:

We’re afraid those lost characters will not be able to be restored, but we hope that the stimulus package will help you and other affected players get your new characters off to a great start.

So there you have it everyone. You lose your character (which is now a moot point for most people – who has actually held off making a new one in the hope their lost character might one day be restored?) and gain $500K free from Rockstar.

Of course that $500K likely pales in comparison to the amounts people are getting via the motorbike resell glitch, but whether you want to use that is of course up to you ;).

What do you think? Sound off below!

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