Looking For A New GTA V Crew?

Crews form an integral part of GTA Online, either working as tight-knit clans who are serious about topping the leader boards, or are loose affiliations of players looking to have some fun in Los Santos. These GTA crews are eager to bolster their ranks, and Rockstar is happy to help them. Occasionally, they post so called ‘Crew Noticeboards‘ on the R* Newswire to help the recruitment campaigns of some crews to reach more prospective members. This time we have a pretty colorful selection of crews that are looking to add new members to their roster.


First up, we have the Scarlet Rogues, an elite crew of self-proclaimed femme fatales, who are looking for skilled high-level players willing to run the most difficult heists and challenges. Riding around the streets of Los Santos in bright red supercars, these Rogues don’t ever try to hide.

Next in line is the Anikii crew. For those of you who know Japanese, their name will give you a rough idea of what kind of a team we are dealing with. Their name meaning ‘brother’, this small crew puts heavy emphasis on loyalty. With no uniform or signature vehicle, the Anikii don’t wish to control the gaming experience of their members – however if one of their brothers is attacked, their vengeance will be swift and thorough.

A more traditional GTA crew, the Dinero Mobb is your run of the mill mafia family crew, with its members seeking only to fatten their wallets. Whether it is with races, deathmatches or heists, the ruthless members of this crew are up for it – for the right price, of course.


The Sinagra Mob takes organised crime seriously. A hardcore role-playing crew, the Sinagra Mob expects all of their members to dress with class and drive in style. This crew is as of yet undefeated in the wars of GTA Online’s freemode.

Last but not least we have the Undead Outlaws MCC, a biker role-play crew which requires its members to play rough and tough. The crew touts its battle prowess on its own Youtube channel.

Will you be joining any of these crews?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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