Live Out Your GTA V Kidnapping Fantasies With This Mod

If you have any kidnapping fantasies, that is…

If not, then just use this mod to add a new gameplay feature to GTA V. After all, Rockstar’s blockbuster open-world action adventure game already has you commit all sorts of crimes like thievery, assault, murder, grand theft auto (oh wait), torture, fraud, extortion, debauchery, and I could go on. With such a colorful rapport, it’s a bit of a surprise that kidnapping isn’t a feature in the game already. Don’t be mistaken, however, as Rockstar had certainly thought of adding it, and even began implementing such a feature, but it ended up being cut from final release.


Accomplished and well known modder JediJosh920 has dug up the partial code for the kidnapping function from the game files, and completed them with his own work, putting a eccentric little twist on the feature. The mod, aptly titled “Kidnap” brings up a little interaction menu for whenever you get into a car with a passenger. You can let them leave in exchange for a small bribe, or they might try to escape through the window if you don’t hold them at gunpoint. You also have the opportunity to take them to the Altruist camp, where you can ritually sacrifice the victim for a bigger payout than the bribe.

JediJosh920 has also stated that he plans on expanding the mod with further functionality, such as adding a ransom mechanic enabling a hostage situation, and more new features to make the mod more complex and in-depth.

It’s gonna take more than $3 to get you out of this!

JediJosh920 is known for a whole host of other mods that we’ve covered on the site before, such as the Force Unleashed mod, More Random Events, Russian Roulette, and much more. What other cut features that we know of do you wish Rockstar had included in the final release of GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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