Let Your GTA V Kar Go Krazy With This Mod

Before you balk at the title, the name of the mod is “Krazy Kar” so don’t blame us.

Usually when it comes to GTA V car mods we’re talking about skins, models of real world cars, the occasional Batmobile, or performance changes. Sometimes we get a bunch of wacky rides, however the top downloads usually go to boring, actual vehicles.

Thankfully there are still some modders among us who are far out enough to put together something a tad more alternative.


Why would you want a real-world car, or even a Doof Wagon, when you can have your regular old GTA V car spontaneously lose control of itself and act like a transformer throwing a tantrum? That’s what Wings On High’s Krazy Kar mod lets you experience.

You will lose control of the blinkers, the horn, the doors, the various lights, the brakes, with all of them randomly activating or opening. The vehicle’s color scheme will also change occasionally, your car will jump around, and to top it all off, the tires will randomly get punctured and then be magically repaired.

Why does this mod exist? No clue, and many in the commentd section share our confusion, however for those of you who want to spice up the driving experience or want to up the mayhem level, this is a perfect mod. The only way this concept could be furthered is by allowing players to make these effects active on all vehicles in the game simultaneously.

This could happen
This could happen

This mod is the opposite of the saying “once you pop, the fun won’t stop”. With the mere press of a button, the insanity will cease, your vehicle will self-repair, and it will return to its original color scheme. No need to be careful using this fun little mod.

What other basic but fun car mods would you like to see in GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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