Latest Update on GTA Online Issues


Just a quick note that a game update for Grand Theft Auto Online is now available for all Playstation 3 users. We have had reports of it causing more issues though (like console freezing) so update at your own risk… If you do happen to update and your console start freezing, you can try deleting the update file (delete the game data only – not the save data!). This could in fact be the reason an Xbox 360 version of the update has not yet been released (despite Rockstar saying it would out as soon as possible today – October 4.

One more thing we want to point out is a potential fix for getting past the first tutorial race (although this is only one of many issues). Some users have reported being able to successfully pass it by deleting the 1.01 title update (or 1.02 if you’ve already upgraded on PS3) and then re-downloading and installing it again. Others have said that selecting “Swap Character” under the Online tab in the pause menu, deleting your character (yes, you will need to start again) and then creating a new one works. And finally a third possible fix is simply playing GTA Online is solo mode. Details on how to do that here.

As always, this page at Rockstar is where you need to visit to get the latest status on the issues with GTA Online. While you’re waiting for everything to be resolved why not check out our GTA Online Hints and Tips page so you’re ready to rock once everything gets sorted?

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